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Fact Sheets


About Tasmania [PDF 462KB]
General background on our island state

About Tasmania - training version [PDF 844KB]
Background for trade training purposes

Island Lifestyle [PDF 783KB]
What makes Tasmania so different from other destinations?

Events  (consumer)

Feature Events 2018 [PDF 446KB]
Plan your trip around one of our events or festivals. Featuring food and drink, arts, culture and sport, there’s something for everyone.

Art and culture

Art and Culture [PDF 1.32MB]
Find out about Tasmania's artistic and cultural life

Food and drink

Tasmanian Food and Wine [PDF 1.6MB]
Tasmania’s temperate climate is ideal for growing plump chardonnay, pinot noir, gewürtztraminer and riesling grapes

Taste of Tasmania [PDF 1.0MB]
Experience the best of Tasmania's fine food and premium cool climate wines

Heritage and history

Heritage [PDF 913KB]
Tasmania has preserved a rich legacy of heritage

Tasmanian World Heritage Listed convict sites [PDF 869KB]
Tasmania has a compelling convict heritage

Save the Tasmanian Devil [PDF 303KB]
The world’s largest surviving marsupial carnivore is under threat from disease

Nature and wildlife

Wildlife [PDF 1.1MB]
Tasmanian devils, wombats, and wallabies, are found without venturing far and regular encounters with wildlife can be an almost inevitable feature of travels around the state

Tasmania's Wild Beauty [PDF 1.4MB]
More than a third of Tasmania is protected in national parks, World Heritage Area, forest and marine reserves

Outdoor and adventure

Adventure Island [PDF 442KB]
Almost half of Tasmania is World Heritage Wilderness, national parks, and marine and forest reserves that are ideal for walking, kayaking, cruising and other recreational activities

Tasmanian Walks [PDF 1.2MB]
Walking Tasmania style can include architect-designed standing camps, eco lodges, gourmet food and local wines

Trout Fishing in Tasmania [PDF 1.3MB]
Tasmania is an angler's paradise

Golf Tasmania [PDF 1.2MB]
Tasmania’s 70-odd golf courses include international championship courses

Travel advice

Halal Restaurants [PDF 373KB]
Halal restaurants in Tasmania